The Traveler Pack
The Traveler Pack

The Traveler Pack

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The Traveler Pack was designed for frequent (and non-frequent) flyers & road-trippers. I LOVE to travel, but long drives & plane rides take a toll on our bodies. This pack includes 4 easy to use, liquid-free inhaler tubes: Nausea, Immunity Booster, Anxiety Relief & Sleepy Time, and a convenient travel bag. Just remove cap, take repeated slow, deep inhalations as needed, then replace cap tightly for freshness.

NAUSEA Whether it's motion sickness, morning sickness or general nausea, using this Lemon & Peppermint inhaler will ease your symptoms.

IMMUNITY BOOSTER: Traveling can also compromise our immune systems. I, for one, do NOT want to have my vacation or work trip ruined by contagious illness! Each essential oil in this blend is supportive & stimulating to the immune system. The essential oils were chosen, not only for their immune boosting properties, but also because, combined, they are antiviral, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial & anti-infective. This is a great protection blend anytime you are needing extra immune support. Also very beneficial for allergies!

ANXIETY RELIEF: Travel anxiety is so common, it even prevents some people from traveling altogether! Don't cancel your trip, just use this inhaler before & during your flight or drive. Calming, soothing, grounding & balancing, this blend reduces the physical & mental responses to moderate & severe anxiety.

SLEEPY TIME: Sleepy Time Synergy is included for those nights in a new place, new time-zone, on the plane or in a noisy hotel room, when you just can't fall asleep. This blend of naturally sedative essential oils calms the mind & body, slows an overactive mind and promotes sleep without negative side effects. It helps the body achieve sleep naturally, and can be used to calm stress & anxiety- day or night.

TRAVEL BAG: A convenient linen & hemp travel bag is also included for all of your traveling oils. Just throw it into your carry-on and bon voyage!