About Us

Our Products

Quality is our number one priority when it comes to essential oils and you can be assured that not all oils are created equal! We use a combination of organic and non-organic, unsprayed/untreated essential oils, from small-batch distillers & family-owned farms whenever possible. We believe small farms are able to provide a higher quality plant and don’t easily overlook important factors, or cut corners. We believe smaller batches produce higher therapeutic qualities, as well as a higher energetic value. It is important to us that the plant is grown either organic or unsprayed/untreated. We believe the energy of a plant can be carried in the essential oil, and so affects the healing capability if the oil produced. This is why we blend each and every product with the intentions of health & abundance. We feel that doing this maintains that positive energy we strive to provide to every customer. We find that even the most biased essential oil users are noticing that our essential oils provide more beneficial results than the mainstream oils. This is the kind of awareness we strive to achieve.

Each recipe is carefully formulated based on our education, thorough research & intuition. We revisit the recipes often & apply any new information we have gained by adding new ingredients to amplify the benefits of the product. Every item is bottled & mixed by hand, fresh, in small batches in Burlington, Washington, USA. We use nothing less than pure, therapeutic, unadulterated essential oils, along with other natural mediums, to create products that can improve one’s quality of life.

Our Mission

Our goal is for you to feel better! No matter what the ailment- physical, emotional or spiritual. Our mission is to educate & empower you to take your health into your own hands. Nature provides many great healing modalities. When used correctly, with proper safety education, you can practice safe, non-toxic home healthcare that can benefit your entire household.

Why Choose Aromatherapy?

Although over the counter drugs and pharmaceuticals may give the relief we are seeking, there is certainly a downside to using them. We are getting much more than we acknowledge, such as fillers, emulsifiers, and preservatives. Ibuprofen alone, has twenty inactive ingredients and only one active ingredient. Let us not forget the risks of possible side effects which accompany every drug.

Due to an increasing awareness of negative side effects inflicted by modern day drugs, many are seeking natural, safe remedies to alleviate their ailments without the unnecessary side effects, lingering residuals and high costs of conventional medicine. With the growing interest in alternative medicine, essential oils are being used in higher numbers than ever before. Why? Because they work! They effectively work WITH our body & brain, on a chemical, emotional & spiritual level. One of the most attractive incentives is that they enter & leave the body, leaving no trace behind- working with complete efficiency. The versatility of each individual oil also sets them apart from most other types of medicine.

About the Owner

Hello! My name is Tami, owner & operator of Scents of Wellbeing. I have studied & practiced clinical Aromatherapy since 2002 and believe whole-heartedly in holistic & complimentary medicine. For over 16 years I have been providing customized blends & educating individuals on how to use their blends for healing. After developing countless recipes, conducting many case studies & actively listening to the needs of individuals, I have taken my business to the next level by selling online and opening a retail space near my home in Burlington, Washington. I now offer a large variety of fresh, handmade, ready-to-use, natural products, as well as synergies, essential oils, hydrosols, diffusers & aromatherapy jewelry. I still offer consultations and always encourage my customers to consider that they are each unique individuals who should listen to their own bodies for direction when choosing their blends. Can I help you with your ailment? Probably, just ask! Most of my clients come to me after trying “everything” and are amazed at the capabilities of essential oils.