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Sinus Defense

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This highly concentrated blend is a natural antibiotic & antiseptic, intended to alleviate symptoms of sinusitis. It’s benefits include reducing inflammation, expelling excess mucus, expanding airways and calming the cells lining the sinuses. In addition, it is anti viral, antiseptic and anti-infections. May also be used to fight colds & support the immune system.

Directions: Do not use if you are pregnant. There are several methods of use when it comes to synergies. Which one you choose depends on your lifestyle. When using Sinusitis Synergy, the first two listed below are my primary choices. Some people also like to use it in their neti pot. Twice a day should prove effective for fighting the infection without irritation membranes. However for symptom relief, more frequent exposure may be needed. Do not exceed 4 times per day. When traveling with your synergy, be sure NOT to keep it in your pocket or in a hot car, as heat can alter the chemistry and it can lose some of its' properties.

**Use only as directed. Do not use if pregnant. Not intended for internal use. This oil contains Thymus vulgaris, which is a known skin irritant. If irritation or drying of mucus membranes occurs, another blend may be substituted. Contact me for more information. All synergies are highly concentrated & should be diluted before topical application. Read all warnings on label before use**

~Add 4-6 drops to a bowl of steaming (not boiling) water. Close your eyes, cover your head with a towel and do inhalations (in through the nose, out through the mouth) for 10 minutes TWICE a day.

~Add 4-8 drops to a non-heating room diffuser & diffuse for 10 minutes, sitting in close proximity. Take repeated, deep inhalations through the nose.

Here are some other ways you can utilize it:

~Place 1-3 drops on a tissue and store in a sealed bag (like a ziplock). Pace tissue over nose and take several slow, deep breaths through nose. Repeat as needed. This method is great for people on the go.

~Inhale directly from bottle, moving bottle side to side across both nostrils (avoid contact with skin), taking 3-5 slow, deep breathes through nose. Repeat as needed.

Contains: 100% pure essential oils of Peppermint (Mentha piperita), Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) & Thyme ct Linalool (Thymus vulgaris)