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Feminine Balance

Feminine Balance

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Females have great fluctuation in hormones throughout each cycle and great changes with age. Each essential oil in this blend has been carefully selected for it's emotional, hormonal & physically balancing properties. Use by inhalation to balance hormones & the endocrine system, whether it’s related to menstruation or menopause. These essential oils work together to reduce menopausal symptoms, sooth PMS & calm emotional upsets such as irritability, anger, depression, fatigue & mood swings. Add to the bath to balance reproductive organs and for symptomatic relief of cramps & spasms, hot flashes, bloating, tender breasts & backache. When used regularly, it can regulate menstruation & ovulation and reduce heavy bleeding. *See also "Menstrual Discomfort Gel"

{How does it work? First let me explain that our sense of smell is directly connected to our Lymbic system in the brain. This is where the Endocrine system is! Here's a breakdown of why I choose these essential oils: Lavender & Clary sage essential oils are balancing to the hormonal system when introduced into the bloodstream and the brain. They also calms stress, irritability & emotional upsets. Geranium also balances hormones & reduces stress. Combined, Cypress & Geranium reduce hot flashes & menopausal symptoms, and help reduce excess blood flow, making this useful for very heavy periods. Cypress also regulates ovulation. Petitgrain is another balancing oil that is uplifting & soothing to emotions and supportive to the other oils. ALL off these oils combined are balancing to the reproductive organs, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, hormone balancing & menstruation/ovulation regulating when absorbed and inhaled. They work on your emotional imbalances (irritable much?!) through regular inhalation, and pains, cramping, etc., by absorption through the skin.}

WARNINGS: Do not use if pregnant.

**All synergies are highly concentrated & should be diluted before topical application. Read all warnings on label before use**

Directions: There are several methods of use when it comes to synergies. Which one you choose depends on your symptoms, and your lifestyle. Choose one method, or mix it up each day! Try to incorporate this synergy 2-3 times per day for effective hormone balancing. Here are a few examples of uses:

For hormone balancing and mood enhancement:

~ Add 4-8 drops (depending on size of room & duration of use) to a non-heating room diffuser & diffuse for at least 20 minutes taking slow, deep breathes through the nose.

~Inhale directly from bottle, moving bottle side to side across both nostrils (avoid contact with skin), taking 3-5 slow, deep breathes through nose. Repeat throughout the day.

~Place 1-3 drops on a tissue and store in a sealed bag (like a ziplock). Pull out & place tissue over nose, take several slow, deep breaths through nose. Repeat throughout the day. This method is great for people in constant motion.

~Add 4-6 drops to a bowl of steaming (not boiling) water. Close your eyes, cover your head with a towel and do inhalations (in through the nose, out through the mouth) for 10 minutes.

For relief of physical symptoms, like cramps, back pain, etc. (as well as hormone balancing & mood enhancement):

~Add 5-7 drops to a warm bath after getting in. Swish water around gently. For best results, close shower curtain. Lie in bath for at least 15 minutes, taking slow, deep breathes through the nose.

~Add 3-5 drops to a bowl of steaming (not boiling) water. Place a washcloth in the bowl, wring out excess water and place on lower abdomen or back. Repeat as washcloth cools.

~Add 15 drops to 1 fl ounce of vegetable oil (or base of your choice) for massage or body oil.

Contains 100% pure essential oils of Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Petitgrain (Citrus aurantium), Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) & Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens).